September 19, 2010

Experiments [LIVE]

According to a recent study, it was found that 73% of the studies/findings published in the last 67 years were absurd and those research/experiments were never actually done at the first place. This is Breaking News. We can't even imagine the consequences that this would have. Forget about the consequences, imagine the causes it would have :-? (As both the writer and editor of the post I tried explaining to myself that the previous sentence is a slap on the face of my English teacher but my conscience kept reminding me of my class 7th report-card and that 'red-colored-marking'. This would be a nice return gift. Belated Happy Teacher's Day Lalitha Ma'am).

This news has affected the lives of many. Infact, one of my friends is facing an existential dilemma. Our team got in touch with him to get to the bottom of this. Excerpts :-
Friend : When I was young, I often asked my dad about how I was born? He always used to say that "Son, one day your mom and me were doing some experiment, which to the surprise of both of us actually went very well and after a few odd months you were born". Now, after this recent story and by extrapolating my dad's stamina during that time considering his condition in the last few years I am doubtful that experiment he boasts about was actually ever done. This brings me back to my question, How was I born ?

In 1961 a fashion magazine, after some research and studies, concluded in their December edition that ' Men prefers women who have bigger breasts'. In 1962, silicon implants were invented. The growth in the industry was so much so that couple of years back a leading professional from the fashion industry went ahead and said 'We should make implants compulsory'. But I guess that the bubble had to burst some day. And it did. Women around the world are now questioning the authenticity of the study done in 1961. Some have filed a petition against the fashion magazine saying that "We were misguided. We took certain life altering decision based on this study. Though they have had their fair share of benefits but these continuous back pains are just not worth all the efforts. And now since it never meant anything anyways we want our money back".

This path breaking study has revealed many a scandals and has put today's generation on the brink of being an extreme skeptic. Skepticism will now no longer be only associated with the frustrated government job professionals but would become an intrinsic characteristic in almost everyone around the world. But all is still not lost. In the words of Ambrose Bierce " It is evident that skepticism, while it makes no actual change in man, always makes him feel better".  So I guess, All is well kaake, All is well !!

Au revoir !

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