February 8, 2012

Happy Propose Day! IT style

Dear Love,

With respect to the High Level Requirements discussed yesterday, please find below the first draft (in points) of the proposal. Request you to go through the same and suggest any changes that you'd like before 13th Feb'12. 

1.       Only out-of-the-box functionality will be implemented and followed for the 1st year of the relationship. Any customization like 'meeting the parents' will follow the change management process wherein both parties will have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect. In case of any such event, both parties are entitled to one last eventful night of wild sex. 

2.       Tongue is allowed.

3.      In case you decide you ‘blow’ the system up anytime, well, you are most welcome. I say, job well done!

4.     You will be provided with gifts and surprises once a month. Any further requirement will be treated on the barter system wherein you’d be required to make up for that value, in kind.

5.      Two trips are promised during this period of 1 year.

6.      You’ll not be given access to the credit card at any point in time during this year.

7.    During arguments, you are not allowed to cry. Although, you can use sex as a weapon to win arguments.

8.    We will follow the Webster’s definition of sex. Any variation from any other dictionary or custom made by your group of friends will not be accepted.

9.      No. of times in a week >= 3 (Your choice, if greater than 3, will supersede this rule)

10.   Any discussion on the topic of marriage is strictly prohibited.

11.    Alternate Saturdays will be naked Saturdays.

12.  The contract is valid only for 1 year, but a support shoulder of 3 weeks will be provided if any party finds it difficult to cope up with the change.

13.   If any party decides to break-up, a 1 month notice period will be served. During the notice period, all the above mentioned points will be followed.

14.   In case both parties are interested to continue the relationship after 1 year, a new contract will be signed.

Request you to please send in your response before 13th Feb. This will help in deciding whether to book a table at fine dine restaurant or sports bar for 14th night.
Happy Proposal Day!


Payal... said...

Legen-<>dary ;)

CYNOSURE said...

LOL... :P

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