May 31, 2012

No love for you.

It’s not love if it’s not twisted. It can’t be that. Love is not a cardboard puzzle where you put in a little thought and time and it will come together like a beautiful Michelangelo painting. It’s more like a game of Tetris, the difficulty level and complexity increases exponentially as you move forward in your relationship and you can never win. It’s written that way. No one comes out a winner.

We don’t fall in love. We don’t love. No one ever has, no one ever will. We have made it the most abused word possible. I am not a cynic, but that’s that. You have got to understand that we give illogical reasons to our juvenile actions by associating it with love. We do it to free ourselves of the guilt, to maintain whatever little self respect we have got, to make sure we live another day thinking I am not all waste of a human being after all. The biggest mistake we do is that we try and define love and then we add a sense of achievement to it. It’s a degradation of your soul. This is what kills you.

You pretend to be content. You pretend to be a lot of things. The problem is everyone is pretending. This pretention has become the world we live in. You think this pretention is being made worthwhile ‘coz you are loved. We make it our reason to live when there isn’t left any. We pretend to care when every other emotion inside has dried, has given way to a pathetic little afterthought, to care.

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