February 3, 2013

My Job in this world is done!

My job in this world is done!

..So there's this restaurant in Basel that I often end up having my dinner at. The guy who serves food greets me everytime, sometimes by saying Namaste or Vanakkam and sometimes, Asla Walekum. I generally nod. One day he came up to me and asked in his broken English, "How should I greet you sir? I can figure out you are an Indian but not sure what language you speak or which part of India you are from either?"

I smiled, thought what to answer, and told him to greet everyone by saying something particular that is common to every Indian belief system.

Now he greets every Indian who walks in that restaurant with "Jai Tendlya"!

I can now die peacefully.


umashankar pandey said...

Hey, for a moment you had me plumb before the wickets! Good one. Jai Tendlya!

Ram Mohan Bhat said...

Nice :)

Ankit said...


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