February 4, 2010

"My Name is NOT Jimmy"

A story told a million times, a mockery made a million times.

We all know how a dog exploits an innocent lamp-post day after day without showing an iota of respect ever. But have you ever imagined Why the Lamp-post never strikes back even after so much humiliation? Because all this fame and publicity that the lamp-post is getting it is because of that freaking dog, and if the lamp-post strikes back it is not good for his long term popularity concerns.

Now this story is not about any ordinary Dog and a Lamp-post. They are SPECIAL. The motive of the story is to prove that not all dogs are same, some are indeed special. Now some details :-

Lamp-post- There ain't any person who is sure about the sexual preference of this lamp-post. Some say its a Street-light. But the word is that this street never lightens up and if its a lamp-post, ironically the problem that he's suffering from is Non-lamp-postism.

The Dog needs no introduction. But I still need to reveal the identity. But Wait, lets first move to an interview between Me and apna Sallu Bhai that we did recently.


Me:- Sallu Bhai, I know you are doing great. So, lets directly move to the point. We were told that recently in a party 'A DOG' misbehaved with you and your cat, sorry KAT. Would you like to share your views regarding that ?

Sallu Bhai:-I have taken the matter to Aamir.
Me:- Aamir, Why Aamir ?
Sallu Bhai:- Arre Aamir ka hi kutta hai wo. And after I told him about his Dog's behavior, one thing led to another and Aamir actually beat him up. The effects are to be seen in dog's upcoming movie 'My Name is Not Jimmy' directed by none other than Mr. 'Lamp-post'.

Me: Ok. We have also heard that recently you and that dog were on the same plane and things hot a little out of control. What actually did happen Sallu bhai ?

Sallu Bhai: Bahut ho gayi bakwaas .. aur kuchh bola to khopdi khol dunga ... samjha ?
Me:- Sorry sir sorry....ho gaya mera .. chalta hu main ...


Now that the identity of the DOG and the LAMP-POST is clear, the only thing left to be understood is, what Aamir has to say about all this? But as usual he was unavailable for his comments. This time not because he's busy with his film but because he's being punished by the DOGGY LOVERS OFFICIAL COMMUNITY for beating up his dog. As of now he's imprisoned in a Jail which during the 1930's was a Dhobi Ghaat for the Britishers. The only thing he's asked for there is a HandyCam. He apparently wants to shoot his new film with a hand held camera and name the film Dhobi Ghaat. Mr. Perfectionist, I tell you.

Your Full of Bakar Reporter
Bechara Bandhu

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